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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Wielding
Ultrasonic Welding

Are you looking for a qualified company to provide ultrasonic welding for your product?

Maybe you need a fastener or other product – but you aren’t sure if the product should include sewing or ultrasonically welding?

But when you search online, the folks saying that they ultrasonically weld materials are plentiful, so it’s difficult to know which company is truly qualified.

Your search is over. TFI has been ultrasonically welding fasteners, medical products and other goods for leading OEM’s for over 30 years! And as a Speedtech Company, by working with TFI, you get the welding expertise of both companies!

What is Ultrasonic welding?

This is a manufacturing technique used to secure two like materials together.

The ultrasonic welding process uses ultrasonic, high-frequency acoustic waves instead of heat or electricity. As two components are held under pressure, the ultrasonic welder emits sound waves that travel through the materials. When the waves locate the contact point, they cause the materials to vibrate, which generates friction, creating the heat that makes the components melt. After the waves are finished, the materials cool and harden, creating a resilient bond.

This eco-friendly process does not involve the use of metal, soldering, adhesive or other binding materials. This welding process is a common alternative to sewing.

Welding hook and loop fasteners

Welding hook and loop is a common application of ultrasonic welding. The ultrasonic welder creates a bond that is stronger than that achieved by sewing. As a result, the hook and loop straps have the strength equivalent of one solid piece of material, creating a reliable bond. Ultrasonic welding is an efficient method for securing both the hook to the loop, and the ring to the strap itself.

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