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Grommeting velcro, webbing and other textiles. TFI USA Fabrication.

Are you looking for a qualified fabricator experienced in grommeting hook and loop, webbing or other textile fasteners?

Maybe you’ve looked online and have found a finished product that is close to what you need – BUT just isn’t right for application?

But with so many fabricators claiming to be good at grommeting, how do you know who is truly qualified to support your needs?

TFI exists to simplify this process.

We’ve been grommeting textiles for over 35 years. We have dedicated machinery, work stations and staff dedicated to this fabrication process. And with our partnership with Speedtech, we can offer the service in the Midwest or here on the West Coast.

Let us GUIDE you to a solution. Contact us today for pricing, to learn more about our grommeting process or for one-on-one guidance.

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What is grommeting?

Grommets are present in various applications, so we will focus on our customer’s use of grommeting.

Grommets are metal rings added to protect the surrounding material from damage when nails, screws, cords or strings are run through the hole of the grommet, protecting the material from wear and tear.

Adding a grommet in lets say a tie or strap can help turn the fastener into a cable management tool for hanging wires and cables. Users can mount the strap, and the cables that the strap holds, by placing a nail or screw through the grommet hole and into a wall, rack or other surface. In this case, the grommet helps to spread the load and to prevent tearing of the fabric.

The grommet is made of two parts. One side is a flat circle with a neck extending from the inner circle, almost like the end of a tuba. This is the right grommet, or the front grommet. The combination of the dies and the grommet neck being compressed allows for the grommet to make a clean cut through the material, eliminating the need to cut a hole in the material beforehand. This is called a self-piercing grommet.

The other side is essentially a circle with no neck. This is the wrong grommet, or back grommet. The circle is domed, or rounded, for a smooth finish on the inside of the material. When compressed, the dies expand the neck and compress it outward, wrapping the front grommet around the back grommet and securing it in place.

Products/Materials We Grommet:

  • Cinch Straps – To allow them to hang our mount.
  • Ties
  • Custom Hook & Loop Fasteners
  • Cable Positioning Devices
  • Medical Products
  • Velcro® Brand Fasteners
  • Webbing, Neoprene and more

We offer a variety of grommet diameters and finishes.

Let us GUIDE you to a solution. Contact us today for pricing, to learn more about our grommeting capabilities or for one-on-one guidance.

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