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Transform Your Fasteners with Custom Grommeting Straps


Are you seeking a qualified fabricator experienced in grommeting hook and loop, webbing, or other textile fasteners?

Maybe you’ve looked online and found a finished product close to what you need – BUT it just isn’t right for the application.

The experts at TFI Custom Fabrication have been grommeting hook and loop, webbing, and other textile fasteners for over 35 years. We have machinery, workstations, and team members experienced in quality grommeting. 

And with our partnership with Speedtech, we can offer the service in the Midwest or here on 

the West Coast.

Check out our line of ready-to-ship products, or contact us to get started on a custom fastener today.

What is grommeting?

Grommets are metal rings that safeguard surrounding materials from damage when nails, screws, cords, or strings pass through them.

They can also be added to a cable tie, hook, and loop cinch strap or nylon webbing, transforming the fastener into a cable management tool. It can then be used for hanging wires and cables.  These fasteners also work great for routing and hanging hoses and other objects.

Users secure the strap with its cables by inserting a nail or screw through the hole. They then mount it to a wall, rack, or any other surface. This evenly distributes the load and prevents fabric tearing. Some users will pre-mount the fasteners in a communication closet or other application and return later to insert the cabling.

A grommet consists of two parts. The first is a flat circle with a neck extending from the inner circle, resembling the end of a tuba. The front grommet is responsible for piercing the material without needing prior hole cutting.

The second part is a neckless circle, known as the back grommet, and it has a domed shape to ensure a smooth finish on the inner side of the material. When compressed, the dies expand the neck and wraps the front around the back, securely holding them in place.


  • Cinch Straps (grommet straps)
  • Ties
  • Custom Hook & Loop Fasteners
  • Cable Positioning Devices
  • Medical Products
  • Velcro® Brand Fasteners
  • Webbing, Neoprene, and more

We offer a variety of diameters and finishes, including industrial-grade brass grommets and metal grommets.

Grommeting Straps for hanging, routing, or attaching wires, cables, or hoses to a surface

Whether one calls it a buckle strap, cinch strap, metal ring strap, or something else, by adding a grommet to the fastener, you can now bundle and mount stuff with one fastener. 

The placement of the grommet also impacts the fastener’s usability.  We offer standard placement or placement past the buckle allowing you to take pre-bundled wires and mount or attach them to a surface later.  

Don’t see a ready-to-ship solution in our catalog?  We can customize a fastener to your specifications.  

For help choosing the correct type of grommet strap or for a custom solution, contact one of our product guides today. 

Custom Printing Available

TFI Custom Fabrications offer custom printing options for your cable ties, tapes, and fasteners with your company name, logo, or contact information.
For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

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