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Data Center Cable Management

Are you looking for reusable hook and loop fasteners for cable management with a data center?

Maybe you’re located on the West Coast and prefer local, factory direct pricing and service? 

But with so many options, how do you find the ‘right’ product and supplier?

You’ve come to the right place.  TFI is a California-based manufacturer and Authorized VELCRO® Brand Fasteners distributor. For over 36 years, we’ve been supplying installers and electrical contractors with off-the-shelf and custom reusable fasteners direct from our San Diego location.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Server Room Cable Management

Most low voltage specifications call out VELCRO® or equivalent.  VELCRO® is a brand that is synonymous with quality.  TFI is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of VELCRO® Brand One Wrap Fasteners

West Coast Service & Service for all your VELCRO® Brand Product needs 

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Unique Cord-Lox® Brand Fasteners for All Your Low Voltage Cable Management Needs

For years, TFI Custom Fabrication has served the biggest installers with reusable hook and loop for data center cable management and server room cable management.

Check out our selection of unique products ranging from rivet straps to open loop straps and the ability to custom print your cable tie

Custom Fasteners for Data Centers

Cable Ties

Bundles and secures cables, preventing tangling and maintaining a neat and organized cable infrastructure.

Cable Wraps

Bundle and organize cables along racks, ensuring a clean and efficient layout.

Color-Coded Cable Ties

Facilitate easy identification and organization of different types of cables.

Equipment Straps

Non-permanent and damage-free mounting solutions to attach networking equipment, power strips, and devices to racks or cabinets.

Hook and Loop Mounting Tape

Offers flexibility in mounting lightweight equipment securely.

Rack Spacer Management Straps

Ensure proper spacing and organization of rack spacers and blanks.

Hook and Loop Patch Panels

Specialized panels with integrated hook and loop fasteners for cable management in patch panels.

Identification Straps

Integrated label holders for easy cable identification and management.

Power Cable Organization

Bundle and secure power cables, ensuring a clean and organized power distribution system.

Server Cable Straps

Specifically designed for managing and securing cables within server racks and enclosures.

Fiber Optic Cable Straps

Designed to gently secure and protect fragile fiber optic cables without causing damage or signal loss.

Custom Cable Marking and Identification to Promote Your Brand at Every Installation. 

TFI Custom Fabrications is one of the leading printers of fasteners.  Learn more about having your company name, logo, or other cable marketing printed on fasteners. 

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

Server Room Cable Management Solutions with TFI Custom Fabrication

Ready to transform your data center or server room? 

Leverage TFI’s product expertise, selection, and the benefits of working with a local supplier. Contact us today.

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