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Sound & Lighting

Sound & Lighting Studio

Sound, Stage, and Lighting Professionals choose Cord-Lox® and VELCRO® Brand Cable Management because of the fasteners’ functionality, reusability, and quality.

Cord-Lox® Audio & Video Applications:

  • Bundle 
  • Organize 
  • Identify
  • Label
  • Carry & Store
  • Attach Cords, Cables, Snakes, and more.

Stage and Lighting Applications using Cord-Lox® include:

  • Attaching cables to rigging.
  • Cable routing 
  • Strain relief cabling
  • Organization 
  • Cable Marking and Identification.
  • Carrying, load in/out of heavier audio snakes, and more.

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Pros choose Cord-Lox® because the line includes unique ties and straps. This hook & loop fastener line includes reusable and flexible ties, straps, and rolls. 

The product line sets itself apart from others with its special features, designed to:

  • Accommodate cables with larger plugs
  • Attach to rigging
  • Pre-designed openings for cable ends

The line is also fabricated in the USA and can be custom printed with your name, logo or brand. 

TFI is also an Authorized West Coast Distributor of VELCRO® Brand Fasteners. The VELCRO® Brand includes tons of solutions for cable management of audio and video cables. Contact us for guidance or pricing of VELCRO® Brand Fasteners.

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