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Audio Cable Management for Musicians, Stage, and Studio Engineers

Due to the popularity of Cord-Lox® Cable Management solutions, the music industry is one of our largest markets for TFI.

<em>Audio Cable Management<em>

Are you a musician struggling to keep cables organized, protected, and properly labeled?

Or maybe you’re looking to streamline the setup and pack-out process of a stage or studio?

But you’ve decided that you don’t want the cheapest or lower quality fasteners, and instead, you’re looking for a solution that not only looks great but will stand up to the reusability of a stage or studio environment?

Let us introduce you to Cord-Lox®, the Professional’s Choice for Cable Management. 

Whether it’s an off-the-shelf product or a custom printed strap for your gear– Cord-Lox® are designed to transform your rehearsal spot, studio, or stage into an organized and efficient workspace.

Identify Your Cables

Studio engineers- are quicker setups and precise connections essential?

Musicians – are you tired of getting your cables mixed up with the house?

Stage Engineers- would better cable marking help you?

Cord-Lox® Brand Fasteners allow you to 

  • Label and mark your cables 
  • Color-code cables (to designate their length etc.)
  • Have your name, brand, or logo printed on the fasteners themselves. 

Ignore the cable confusion with Cord-Lox®.

Attach Cables to Rigging, Make the Stage Safer

Cord-Lox® enhances safety on stage by allowing you to securely attach cables to rigging, reducing tripping hazards and creating a safer environment for performers and crew. 

With Cord-Lox® by your side, you can focus on delivering unforgettable performances without worrying about cable mishaps.

Mark Cables and Tools for an Easier Load In/Out

Load-ins and load-outs can be stressful and time-consuming. Cord-Lox® makes this process easier by providing audio cable management solutions to mark cables and tools. 

Our products enable you to label and color-code your cables, making it a breeze to identify and separate them during the load-in and load-out process. 

Streamline your equipment handling, save time, and reduce the risk of leaving essential items behind.

Organize Your Rehearsal Spot

Cord-Lox® is here to rescue you from the chaos of cords and cables around your rehearsal spot. 

Our innovative audio cable management solutions help organize your rehearsal spot so you spend less time untangling cords and more time playing music.

Cord-Lox® lets you quickly identify your cables, making your rehearsal sessions more productive and hassle-free.

Custom Printing Available

Identify cable destinations or the cables’ owner or simply promote your brand- with custom printed fasteners. For over 35 years, we’ve been a leader in custom-printed hook and loop fasteners. Have your band name, studio, or company printed on cable ties, tapes, and fasteners.

We print on Cord-Lox® and VELCRO® Brand Fasteners and heavy-duty nylon webbing that can be made into straps for all your gear. 

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

Customer Testimonial

Peter went from ‘out of control’ and fighting a ‘hurricane of cables’ to a clean and organized studio with the help of Cord-Lox®

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