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Meet TFI’s new General Manager, Carlos Gonzalez

We are pleased to announce the recent hiring of Carlos Gonzalez to the position of General Manager.


Born in Mexico, Carlos moved to San Diego and earned his Business Administration degree from CETYS University. His fierce devotion to a better life and strong work ethic has been a guiding force.


TFI General Manager, Carlos Gonzalez

After putting himself through college and upon graduation, Carlos started his own manufacturing company, producing wet suits and swimwear for leading brands, Quicksilver and Billabong. Carlos oversaw all aspects of the company including its 450 employees.

Leveraging this expertise for you- the TFI Customer:

Carlos comes to TFI with 22 years of textile fabrication experience!  His expertise includes sewing, ultrasonic Welding and printing hook & loop, webbing and other industrial textiles.

So whether you need a custom fastener or a customized product for the overland, MRO, transportation or communication marketplace, or help nearshoring your existing supply, TFI and Carlos are uniquely qualified to help. Please contact us to start that conversation.

In his own words:

Carlos is team-oriented and productivity-minded. Carlos explains, “I believe the in-person connection with co-workers is what makes a successful operation. My determination and “get-the-job-done” approach has positioned me in this fortunate opportunity with TFI.”

When asked what excites Carlos most about working with TFI he offers, “TFI has so many custom fabrication capabilities under one roof but more importantly, the highly skilled personnel to fabricate high quality products. That last part you don’t see often.”

As part of Carlos’ General Manager duties, he will be focused on growing TFI’s Cord-Lox® brand of hook & loop fasteners, exploring new markets for TFI’s custom fabrication serves and working with Velcro Companies to help serve the demand for VELCRO® Brand Fasteners on the West Coast and Mexico.

As a successful dadpreneur, Carlos enjoys spending time with his three kids and is committed to living a mindful, healthy, and active lifestyle. His hobbies include playing various musical instruments, photography, meditation, tennis, and volunteering.

If you’d like to receive more hook and loop velcro news, learn more about TFI’s custom manufacturing capabilities, Cord-Lox® products or for pricing on VELCRO® Brand Products, contact us today.

Speedtech Acquires Toleeto Fasteners


January 10th, 2021, RACINE, WI – Speedtech International, Inc., the manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP® Hook & Loop Products, Specialty Fasteners, and Authorized Distributor of VELCRO® Brand Products has acquired Toleeto Fasteners International located in San Diego, CA. With their expertise custom fabricating webbing, neoprene and hook & loop, Toleeto Fasteners International will dramatically increase Speedtech’s capabilities, services, and geographical footprint.

Dave Deavenport, President of Toleeto Fasteners says “We are not only excited to gain direct access to markets and customers Speedtech serves, but to also offer Toleeto’s existing customers SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners and Speedtech’s Manufacturing Expertise. This is definitely a win-win for everyone!”

What does this mean for Toleeto’s Current Customers?

Dave Deavenport, President of Toleeto Fasteners answers, “Our entire team remains in place- from Customer Service, Management to the skilled team members that manufactured your last order! So in this sense, nothing has changed.  But for Toleeto customers who may also currently purchase hook & loop fasteners from a different supplier, it’s possible that we may now be able to serve you with those fasteners as well.

We now have a factory in the Midwest with expertise in different manufacturing techniques.  And colleagues who have 25 years of expertise serving Product Managers, Buyers, Engingeers and Installers in the Electrical, MRO, Datacom, Medical and other markets. Now, this expertise is at your disposal!

Toleeto’s customers have also gained direct access to Speedtech’s 

  • Fabrication expertise.
  • Proprietary printing on Hook & Loop.
  • Custom Fasteners in support of PPE including Face Shields, Guards and Medical Equipment
  • The line of SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners.

How and where do you place your orders for Toleeto?
You may place your orders the same way you always have. Billing will also come from Toleeto just as it has in the past.

If I have a need for application advice or for help with a custom fastener, who do I contact?
Please contact us and if the application is best served by our partners as Speedtech, we will get them involved for you.

Who do we contact about learning more about becoming an Authorized Reseller of Cord-Lox® Cable Wraps, Rack-ups® and the Coil’n’Carry® adjustable handle straps or SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners?

More information about the partnership:

Geographic Expansion:

The partnership between the companies will better serve North America.  While both companies currently have customers Worldwide, Speedtech may use Toleeto’s San Diego Factory to provide added value and responsiveness to the West Coast.  Karnowski explains, “Through our Distribution Network, we service customers like Google, Facebook and large Datacom Centers in the West and Southwest.  We will leverage our new presence in California to better serve and support these customers.”

Brief History: Speedtech International, Inc.

Speedtech is the manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners and an Authorized Distributor of VELCRO Companies.   The company focuses on Fasteners made from Hook & Loop Materials and other specialty fasteners.  These products help to bundle, band, route, organize or identify cables, hoses or cords. While Speedtech’s products are best known for Cord & Cable Management, the company offers solutions for material handling, maintenance applications, and more.

Speedtech International’s President Chris Karnowski explains, “Speedtech’s manufacturing strength is fabricating hook & loop materials, especially VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners. For most of the SPEEDWRAP® Brand Products and what we custom fabricate for our customers, we rely on cutting, slitting, and welding.  With the acquisition of Toleeto, we now have instant expertise of high-quality industrial sewing and other types of die-cutting and printing on VELCRO® Brand Material.  We’ve essentially doubled our manufacturing capability with highly skilled experts now all under one umbrella.”

For more hook and loop velcro news, and information about Speedtech visit Speedtech acquires TFI or call 800-771-3896.   Or for Toleeto, we remain at (800) 267-3569.

Speedtech International, Inc
2410 Norwood Ct.
Racine, WI 53401

VELCRO®, ONE-WRAP® and VELSTRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.  SPEEDWRAP®, CORD-LOX® , Rack-ups® and the Coil’n’Carry® are trademarks of Speedtech International, Inc.