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Custom Transportation Fastener Solutions

Are you looking for the ‘correct’ or ‘best-in-class’ fastener for an aviation, automotive, marine or other transportation application?

Maybe you already know that you need a strong, weather-resistant, and reusable product.

But the failure of a fastener that you select could not only have a negative impact on your product but also your business!

TFI Custom Fabrications exists to put these concerns to rest by:

  1. Helping Engineers and Designers by making product selection easier.
  2. Helping Buyers by making procurement easier and more reliable. 
  3. Offering peace of mind with our factory direct, Domestic fabrication & service.
  4. Manufactured using the finest material and highest quality components.

Types Of Products We Manufacturer

  1. Cable ties
  2. Straps
  3. Tapes-Cut-To-Length
  4. Custom Fasteners

High-Quality Materials

For over 35 years, TFI has been fabricating unique and high-quality fasteners and custom solutions using a variety of textiles and materials.   

  • Nylon & Polyester Webbing
  • Hook & Loop 
  • VELCRO(R) Brand Fasteners
  • And more….

Our product may act as cable or hose management or a stand-alone fastening solution for the transportation industry. But often, we are called upon to integrate a fastener we make into the final product for you, our customer.   

We make bags, cases, and other solutions that can be very different from what we started supplying our customers. Our expertise, consistent service, and quality supply earned this business. To learn more about the materials we work with, contact us today.

Services we offer for transportation fasteners

  • Off-the-shelf supply of our Cord-Lox(R) Brand and standard fasteners.
  • Custom work including but not limited to:

Hook and Loop Fasteners for the Transportation Industry

Whether we’re fabricating a cord or cable management solution or other unique product from VELCRO(R) Brand Material or another hook and loop, the final design is limited only to one’s imagination. 

Recently, we manufactured a special harness routing solution for an aviation customer to help them during the initial wiring of their aircraft. 

We start with the customer’s application and help guide them to possible solutions. This collaboration often leads to unique custom fabrication, and with most of these projects, we are under agreement not to share the products. To learn more about how we can help with your transportation fastener needs, contact us today. 

Common Transportation Industry Uses for Hook & Loop:

Securing Cargo

  • While we don’t make products certified for over-the-road transportation, we offer solutions for temporarily restraining loose objects for applications like intra-warehouse transportation.   

Divider Systems

  • Incorporate into divider systems within the cargo area, allowing modular and adjustable compartments to separate different goods.

Curtains for Trailers

  • Attach curtains or protective covers to the sides of trailers. This helps protect the cargo from weather elements and provides easy access for loading and unloading.

Securing Cables

  • Bundle and secure cables and wires as part of the final cable management or to ensure a safer and more organized working environment.

Mounting Devices

  • Mount devices such as GPS units or communication equipment within the cab.

Temporary Repairs

  • Secure loose components until proper repairs can be made.

Securing Tools and Equipment

  • Secure tools and equipment to the truck’s interior, preventing them from moving around during transit.

Custom Solutions for Your Transportation Applications

The more unique your application needs are, the more likely you’ll want a custom-made solution. Don’t risk your reputation or product by choosing an inexperienced supply. Leverage TFI’s 36+ years of experience by contacting us today for one-to-one guidance. 

Custom Printing Available

TFI Custom Fabrications is one of the leading printers of fasteners. We print ‘remove after use’ and other warnings and markings for the aviation industry and more.  

Learn more about having your company name, logo, or other cable marking printed on fasteners and other materials. 

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

Trust TFI Custom Fabrication for your Transportation Fabrication Needs

Ready to redefine your approach to transportation cable management and fastening? 
Contact us to explore our extensive range of innovative products or custom manufacturing services. 

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