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Die Cutting & Die Cut VELCRO®

Die Cutting
Die Cutting example

So you’re in need of die cutting services or a die cut VELCRO® Brand Fastener.

Maybe you already have a company die-cutting material or fasteners for you but you want to qualify a new, more reliable, responsive, or Domestic supplier?

But with so many textile fabricators, not to mention all the resellers of VELCRO® Brand Fasteners listing die cutting services on their website – how do you know who to trust with your project?

TFI exists to make this process easier for customers like you!

We’ve been die cutting specialty hook & loop materials, VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, and other textiles for over 35 years. And with our partnership with Speedtech International, we now have two factories with die-cutting expertise.  We die-cut VELCRO® Brand and other hook and loop materials, as well as a variety of textiles in both our  Midwest and the West Coast factories.

We aren’t the cheapest. Our customers are quality conscious and have serious supply chain experience.  They choose TFI because we are:

Reliable, Responsive, Domestic, and Competitive.

Meet a GUIDE. Contact us today for pricing, to learn more about our capabilities, or for one-on-one guidance.

Our Customers Choose TFI as their Die Cutting Fabricator for:

  • Prototyping & Short Runs 
  • Full Production 
  • Flat and Radius Ends to Special Ends

Die Cutting: Industrial Materials

  • Poly webbing
  • Nylon webbing
  • Foam Laminates
  • Neoprene
  • Hook & Loop
  • More

Die Cut VELCRO® Brand Material

Don’t trust the fabrication of VELCRO® Brand Materials to just anyone.  Leverage our 35 years of experience fabricating hook & loop for your project.  

As an Authorized VELCRO® Brand Distributor located in both the Midwest and West Coast, we offer our customers the support, certifications, and competitive pricing on VELCRO® Materials that they need.  

Faster for Engineers.  More qualified for Product Managers. More Competitive and Responsive for Buyers. Contact us today for a quote or advice on your die cutting needs. 

Meet a GUIDE. Contact us today for pricing, to learn more about our capabilities or for one-on-one guidance.

Die Cutting: Our Niche

We predominantly specialize in Strips and Straps utilizing Standard and Specialty Hook & Loop and Various types of Webbing Materials. Some uses include Leashes, Medical, Production Sound and Lighting Products, and OEM.

We do NOT serve the fashion or bedding industries.

How Is A Die Involved With Cutting Fabric?

A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape the material. Die cutting is a completely different process of cutting hook and loop than strip cutting.

Dies are manufactured from hardened steel and sharpened to cut through the hook and loop using heavy tonnage presses.

Dies can be fairly complex and may include several components, but others are very simple. Some dies are as plain as a cookie cutter, while others require more intense scrutiny.

Meet a GUIDE. Contact us today to learn more about our die cutting capabilities, and pricing, or for one-on-one guidance for your die-cut VELCRO® Brand project.

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