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Custom Printed Cable Ties, Branded Cord-Lox, and Personalized Hook & Loop Tape

Need personalized cable ties to mark and identify your cables, cords, or gear?

Want to promote your company or brand cost-effectively on a product that stays with your installation?

TFI Custom Fabrications offers custom printed cable ties, Cord-Lox straps, cinch straps, continuous-length tapes, Velcro brand products, and other materials.

Need something printed not listed here? Explore customization options with us and start your custom printing project today.

The Cable Tie You Print On Matters!

TFI’s customers don’t want cheap-looking personalized cable ties or printed Cord-Lox straps.

For every project, we start with a high-quality, reusable hook and loop fastener or Cord-Lox strap that works with your application and lasts a long time.

Then, we add our proprietary printing technology to give your custom cable ties, printed cinch straps, and personalized Cord-Lox the professional look they deserve.

When the quality of the finished product matters to you, TFI Custom Fabrication is the right supplier.

Custom Printed Cable Ties with Your Unique Design

TFI Custom Fabrication can reproduce almost any design on the hook and loop material, allowing you to showcase your creativity and brand identity with custom printed cable ties.

Whether it’s a vibrant logo, a striking pattern, or a bold tagline, our team brings your personalized cable ties vision to life.

Personalized Cable Ties

Personalized Cable Ties to Identify Your Cables, Cords & Gear

For over 35 years, we’ve supplied some of the largest production companies and individual musicians with personalized cable ties.

We guide you through the process, from your artwork to your final fabrication.

Promote Your Company Or Brand with a Printed Cable Tie

One of the most cost-effective ways to market your company on a job site, stage, or installation is by leaving behind printed cable ties embossed with your company name or logo.

Everyone who sees the fastener knows instantly who did the excellent installation and cable management.

Custom Printed Cord-Lox

Rivet Strap

Whether you’re a production company, musician, stage engineer, or low voltage cabling installer- custom printed Cord-Lox® Ties and Straps are the perfect choice for marking and protecting your gear.

Our custom printing options deliver everything you love about our high-end hook and loop fasteners, now with your logo printed right on them.

Personalized Cord-Lox Closed Loop Strap

Custom printed Cord-Lox Closed Loop Straps wrap and organize professional audio, video, stage lighting cables, charging, extension, RV, speaker, TV, computer, and appliance cords.

The personalized straps include a pre-made opening that the cable goes through to keep the strap attached to the cord.

Custom Printed Cord-Lox Open Loop Strap

The custom printed Cord-Lox Open Loop Series works with cables with larger ends. They are specially designed ‘alligator mouth’ at the end of the strap opens, allowing you to slide in the cable. Perfect for bundling, organizing, and storing.

Custom Printed Cord-Lox Rivet Strap

Our personalized Cord-Lox Rivet Series Strap snaps onto your cables or cords. Wrap the end of the fastener around your cord or cable, then, using the rivets (included), snap them on the strap, and everything is permanently attached.

Custom Printed Cord Lox Y-Series Strap

‘Y’ Series Strap is designed for cables with larger ends. The specially designed ‘alligator mouth’ is located at one end of the strap. The power cord organizer works for professional or home use with RV power cables, extension cords, computer cables, industrial cables, XLR cables, or speaker cables.

Custom Printed Cinch Straps

TFI Custom Fabrication’s custom cinch straps feature a section of hook material sewn or welded to a section of loop material. 

For personalized cinch straps, we print on the backside of the hook ‘tip’ section of the strap. This tip is facing up and visible after it is inserted through the buckle and back onto itself. 

This single-location, high-quality printing on our industrial-grade cinch straps yields unparalleled results.

Custom Printed Tapes

TFI Custom Fabrication, in coordination with SpeedTech International, is one of the only Hook & Loop Suppliers in North America printing on the loop side of back-to-back style tapes. 

The result is repeated pattern printing of the brand or message continuously printed on cut-to-length tape.

Made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP, your personalized tapes can be cut to length based on your application. The fastener can then quickly wrap around an object and onto itself for a secure hold.

Available Now- Two Color Printing!

While most customers want one color printed on a single-color strap (for example, white ink on a black cable tie), we now offer two-color printing. 

Just released, Summer 2023, two-color printing is now available.

Flexible Minimum Order Quantity for Maximum Versatility

Businesses come in all sizes, so we offer lower minimum order quantities. 

With a minimum order of only 300 pieces, you can start with custom Cord-Lox® Cable Ties. 

If the low minimum wasn’t enough- because it is per ink color, we allow you to mix and match different strap styles and sizes to achieve the minimum quantity.


  • Our printing method allows us to reproduce almost any design on the hook & loop material.
  • The minimum order is only 300 pieces! The minimum is per ink color; however, you can mix and match different strap styles and sizes to achieve that minimum quantity.
  • First-time orders require a $75.00 one-time artwork setup fee.
  • The maximum printing area is approximately 1.25″ high X 3.75″ wide. Note: the printed image must be at least 0.062″ away from the top and bottom borders. We suggest printing your artwork to size to ensure it is legible in that size before submitting it. 
  • Don’t have an art file? Feel free to provide a business card or letterhead. We should be able to replicate your artwork.
  • Just need some basic text? We will create your name, address, website, phone number, etc., with your chosen font. Don’t know what font to use? We can make a recommendation!
  • Wondering if we can print your artwork? Give us a call or email your artwork to us, and we’ll review it for printability. Note: there are limits to what we can print. For example, we cannot print drop shadows, gradients, and photographs. Contact us, and we’ll work through it together.

Contact us today for 1-on-1 guidance.

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Are you looking for printing on back-to-back style hook & loop including VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners? 

Good news! TFI’s Parent Co, Speedtech, is a leader in printing on VELCRO® Brand Fasteners including products made from ONE-WRAP® Brand Material.  
Click here to check out their complete offering.

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