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Recreation & Leisure

Are you an OEM looking for off-the-shelf or custom fabricated fasteners?

Recreation RV by the lake
RV by the Lake

Or maybe you’re an RV or boating enthusiast and need help organizing, carrying, and storing 

  • Hoses
  • Power Cables
  • Cords
  • Lines

But when you search online there are so many manufacturers and brands that it’s difficult to tell who the experts are or which products are reliable?

TFI exists to put those concerns to bed. 
We’re the only supplier that can provide you  Cord-Lox®, VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, and Custom Fabrication all under one roof!

We manufacture a full line of reusable ties, rolls, and straps for the RV, Marine, Sailing, and recreational applications called Cord-Lox®.   And if you don’t see the solution you need for your application, we custom fabricate it here in the USA!   

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Popular RV, Marine, and Recreational Uses For Cord-Lox®

Cord-Lox® Coil n Carry
  • Carry large hoses and cords
  • Storage of cables, hoses, cords, and lines
  • Bundle rope, lines, cables, and hoses
  • Secure loose objects
  • Mark and identify your gear

Is there such a thing as outdoor rated VELCRO® Brand Fasteners? 

We get that question often.  Technically, there is no such thing as an outdoor rated or approved Cord-Lox® or VELCRO® Brand Fastener.  But we can guide you to hook & loop products that stand up better in the elements. 

Cord-Lox® Open Series

For example, TFI fabricates from polyester and other VELCRO® Brand materials and where the finished fastener stands up better to UV and water exposure.   To make sure you are getting the right products for your application, contact us for 1-on-1 guidance.

We speak RV and Marine!   

One of our sales associates is an RV enthusiast, while two others are avid boaters and sailors.  Our experience in and around these places helps us create the next ‘widget’ to help us bundle cords, carry heavy hoses, organize our gear, and more.   We’d love to geek out on any of these topics and talk shop with you!  Contact us today. 

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