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Custom Fabrication for Medical Straps

<em>Medical Straps<em>

Manufacturing medical cable management and custom medical products.

Are you a Product Designer or Engineer working on a medical application and need a qualified textile fabricator or fastener manufacturer?

Maybe you already buy products and need a more reliable, competitive, or domestic supply?

But you cannot afford to have supply chain or quality issues.

With over 36 years as a quality-focused, domestic textile and VELCRO(R) Brand Materials manufacturer, you’ve come to the right supplier. 

Products made from industrial fabrics are popular within the medical industry.

  • Medical positioning devices
  • Cord, hose, IV, and wire management solutions
  • Patient imaging, safety, and transport fasteners include gurney straps and other types of patient positioning straps
  • Straps for Braces and more
  • Headbands for Splash Guards

Fabrics & Materials we work with include:

  • Hook & Loop for Medical Cable Management and other applications
  • Specialty VELCRO® Brand materials, including medical-grade products
  • Foam Laminates
  • Neoprene
  • Nylon Webbing

Some of TFI Custom Fabrication’s largest customers are in the Medical Industry. 

Our customers choose to work with TFI because we understand product quality, consistency, and supplier reliability are significant factors.

We manufacture essential products. Sometimes these solutions are made with materials other than hook & loop and skilled manufacturing techniques, including sewing, ultrasonic welding, custom printing, marking, and more.

Case Study – Custom Medical Product Made By TFI

TFI manufactures products for the medical industry, including applications for managing a tracheotomized patient supported with mechanical ventilation through a cuffed tracheostomy tube.

Our devices prevent inadvertent disconnects, stabilizing the ventilator circuit and tracheostomy tube. 

This solution is made from a special foam laminate. TFI sources the materials, fabricates the piece, welds plastic components, and prints the customer’s name on the finished product.

Carlos Gonzalez, TFI’s General Manager, explains, “The expertise of our staff is on full display with this finished apparatus. It’s a complicated piece with several components and manufacturing steps. The product moves through several departments at our factory, and our employees take pride in knowing the finished product is helping to keep premature infants alive. We’re proud to be involved.”

Other Medical Products TFI makes for leading OEMs. 

  • Respiratory care products
  • Trachguard 
  • Tracheostomy devices 
  • Cable ties that prevent slippage, endotracheal tube holder. 

Nearshoring Supply

If having greater visibility over your supply of medical cable management, VELCRO(R) Style straps, gurney straps, custom medical fasteners, or hook & loop patient positioning device straps is important, our West Coast or Midwest manufacturing facilities provide supply clarity, visibility, and reliability.

We’re experienced at sourcing components and carry a healthy inventory of critical materials needed for our customers’ products- especially those of our medical product customers.

Medical VELCRO Straps

Manufacturing Fasteners In Response To The COVID Pandemic

When our Nation was shut down during the early phase of the COVID Pandemic, our sister company, Speedtech International, was called upon by prior and new medical device manufacturers to fabricate custom hose and cable solutions for ventilators. 

Speedtech leveraged its expertise and served in partnership with General Motors/Ventec Life Systems to produce these life-saving devices. We also manufacture custom fasteners made of VELCRO(R) Brand ONE-WRAP and Two Way Face-Straps for headbands for the face shields/splash guards. 

Custom Printing Available

TFI Custom Fabrications offer custom printing options for hook and loop and other textiles. This can include special messaging or marking for medical applications. 

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

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