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Medical Products

Medical Straps

Products made from industrial fabrics are popular within the medical industry. 

These fabrics can be made into:

  • Medical positioning devices
  • Cord, hose, IV, and wire management solutions
  • Patient safety and transport fasteners include gurney straps and more
  • Braces and more

Fabrics & Materials we work with include:

  • Hook & Loop including
  • Specialty VELCRO® Brand materials including medical-grade products
  • Foam Laminates
  • Neoprene
  • Nylon Webbing

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Some of TFI Custom Fabrication’s largest customers are in the Medical Industry. 

Our customers choose to work with TFI because product quality, consistency & supplier reliability are the most important factors.

We manufacture critically essential products.  These solutions are made with materials other than hook & loop and manufacturing techniques that include sewing, ultrasonic welding, printing, marking, and more.

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Case Study – Custom Medical Product Made By TFI

We make a custom product that holds intravenous tubing to premature infant necks. This solution is made from a special foam laminate. TFI sources the materials, fabricates the piece, welds plastic components, and then prints the customer’s name on the finished product.

TFI’s David Deavenport adds, “The expertise of our staff is on full display with this finished component. It’s a complicated piece with several components and manufacturing steps. The product moves through several departments at our factory and our employees take pride in knowing the finished product is helping to keep premature infants alive. We’re proud to be involved.”

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