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Industrial Sewing Company

Industrial Sewing
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Are you looking for a qualified industrial sewing company for your product?

Or maybe you need a fastener or other product, and you aren’t sure if it should be sewn or ultrasonically welded?

TFI exists to take the stress out of your search for an industrial sewing partner.

With over 36 years of experience and a passion for precision and detail, we have become the trusted partner for leading OEMs, helping them with sewing nylon webbing, hook and loop integration, as well as integrating plastics and components with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners.

Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Company

When it comes to industrial sewing, TFI Custom Fabrication understands the unique demands of your projects. 

That’s why we invested in industrial sewing machines designed to handle heavy-duty workloads. These machines tackle the toughest materials, delivering exceptional strength, durability, and the ability to run throughout the day in an industrial environment.

Our machines sew tons of materials, including but not limited to nylon and polyester webbing, neoprene, and hook & loop. They utilize a variety of stitch options, such as Bar Tack, Edge, Single Stitch, Dual Needle and Box X, depending on the customer and strength requirements.

Custom Hook and Loop Fastener Sewing Solutions

A machine is only as good as its operator. 

If an operator doesn’t set up the machine properly, the finished product will reflect that. The process of industrial sewing requires attention and skills that are developed over time.

Our highly skilled craftsmen have mastered the art of precision sewing, paying meticulous attention to every detail.

Carlos Gonzales of TFI Custom Fabrication explains, “You might think that a skilled sewing operator is measured by his/her output and how many ‘widgets’ they can sew in a given amount of time. While speed is part of the calculus, quality sewing is dependent upon the operator more than the machinery. And for our customers, quality is typically why they came to us in the first place.”

Operation and Sewing Expertise

You gain more than exceptional craftsmanship when you choose TFI Custom Fabrication for your industrial sewing needs; you gain a reliable partner dedicated to your success. 

We understand the importance of timely delivery and responsive customer service. Our efficient production processes and procedures and our commitment to prompt and reliable service allow us to meet your project deadlines without compromising quality.

Need an Industrial Sewing Solution? 

Contact TFI Custom Fabrication today.

Experience the power of our industrial sewing expertise and unlock the full potential of your products. 

Contact one of our fabrication experts today and let us demonstrate our unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to industrial sewing excellence. 

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