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Video Cable Management With Cord-Lox® Brand Fasteners

audio and video Velcro® cord strap
<em> Cord Management in a Studio<em>

Are you a Professional Technician, Installer, or Home Owner looking for Professional Grade Cable Management Solutions?

Maybe you’re struggling with messy cabinets and need organizing and cable labeling solutions?

Or maybe you’re a video professional tasked with capturing and delivering video, or you’re responsible for the network’s reliability?

But you are not interested in inferior fasteners sold online or at your local big box store. 

TFI solves these problems with our line of Professional Grade Cord-Lox® Cable Management Products.

The go-to-choice for the trade, the Cord-Lox® product line includes solutions for 

  • Bundling
  • Banding
  • Routing
  • Securing
  • Organizing
  • Marking / Identifying 
  • Carrying & Storage

Hassle-Free Video Cable Management

Cord-Lox® empowers you to bundle and organize your video cables effortlessly, ensuring that your cables stay neat, tangle-free, and easily accessible.

This allows Video Professionals to focus on capturing footage, delivering content and a more reliable network- without worrying about tangled cables.

Quickly Identify and Label Your Cables

Cord-Lox® video cable management labels and identifies your cables to allow you to identify them quickly.

Using a Cord-Lox® Colored Strap scheme, you can identify your cable lengths and mark your cables for efficient setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

For the ultimate in cable identification, let us custom print fasteners for your video cable management needs.

Coil N Carry Professional Grade

Carry, Store, and Transport Your Video Cables

Our ready-to-ship fastening solutions stem from 35 years of experience serving the Professional Audio Video Industry. 

Learn why the Coil-N-Carry® is so popular in the video industry in transporting, bundling, and storing cables.

Elevate your video cable management with Cord-Lox®

Bundle, organize, identify, label, carry, store, and confidently connect your cords, cables, and audio snakes. 

Check out the full line of Cord-Lox® for efficient and reliable video cable management solutions.

Custom Printing Available

TFI Custom Fabrications offers custom printing options for your cable ties, tapes, and fasteners with your company name, logo, or contact information.

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our printing experts today.

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