Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap (10-Pack)


Looking for professional-grade hook and loop straps to organize, bundle and manage cables and cords?

Maybe you need a fastener with different size and color options?

But you don’t want the fastener to get separated from the cords and cables!

Finally, there’s a solution that manages cables and that stays attached to your cords and cables. 

The Cord-Lox® Rivet Series Straps are versatile hook and loop rivet straps for managing your cables and cords. With its easy-to-use design, you can quickly wrap the strap around your cables to organize, bundle, and store them. 

Prevent your strap from getting detached or lost.  Using the included snap rivets, users simply snap the strap onto a cable. Say goodbye to tangled cords and messy cables with our Rivet Series Strap.

Quantity (# of Packs) Price
1 - 10 $11.20
11 - 25 $10.10
26+ $9.10
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The Cord-Lox® Rivet Series Strap is engineered to attach effortlessly to your cables or cords with a “snapping” mechanism.

The fastener is fabricated in the USA and is typically available off the shelf for fast delivery.

Simply wrap the end of the hook & loop Rivet Strap around your cord or cable to get started. Using the included rivet, snap the two pieces together to permanently attach the fastener to your cable or cord. Then, utilize the velcro wire straps to fasten and tighten all components in place securely.

Once in place, the cord straps help you stay organized in the studio, the office, or the home.

  • Easy to use
  • Attaches at one end
  • Stays attached to the cable

Hook and Loop Rivet Straps for Efficient Organization

Are you tired of dealing with tangled cords and messy cable setups? Our cable straps offer a convenient and efficient solution for organizing your cables in a snap.

While our cable straps are designed for professional audio/video applications, they are also great for home entertainment systems, office setups, studios, and musicians.

Experience hassle-free cable management with our high-quality rivet straps.

Custom Printing Available

TFI Custom Fabrications is one of the leading printers of fasteners. Learn more about having your company name, logo, or other cable marketing printed on fasteners. 

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

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Part Number Description Width Length Color Packaging Price per Pack Order Online
520-R BLACK2" x 20" Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap, Black2"20"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $29.10 | 11-25: $26.20 | 26+ $23.60Add to Cart
515-R BLACK2" x 15" Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap, Black2"15"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $23.20 | 11-25: $20.90 | 26+ $18.80Add to Cart
415-R BLACKMore Colors 1.5" x 15" Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap, Black1.5"15"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $22.50 | 11-25: $20.30 | 26+ $18.20Add to Cart
312-R BLACKMore Colors 1" x 12" Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap, Black1"12"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $18.60 | 11-25: $16.70 | 26+ $15.00Add to Cart
309-R BLACKMore Colors 1" x 9" Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap, Black1"9"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $15.30 | 11-25: $13.80 | 26+ $12.40Add to Cart
206-R BLACKMore Colors 3/4" x 6" Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap, Black3/4"6"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $11.20 | 11-25: $10.10 | 26+ $9.10Add to Cart

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