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Cord-Lox® Y Series Strap (10-Pack)

The Y Series Strap is the our easiest to use of the Cord-Lox product family.

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11 - 25 $13.42
26+ $12.75
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The Y Series Strap is the our easiest to use of the Cord-Lox product family. Simply place your cord or cable between the “Y” end, overlap one side over the other and press to secure. Then, coil the cord, wrap the Y Series Cord-Lox around and secure it.

There is virtually no excess overlap, and we have sizes to fit everything from a skinny wall wart cable to a 100-foot audio snake. Like some of our other models, these stay on your cord until you remove it.

Strong and reusable.
Closure Peel Strength: 1.2 PIW
Closure Shear Strength: 14.0 PSI
Closure Tension Strength: 6.5 PSI

Custom colors, sizes and printing are available. Minimums apply.

Fabricated in the USA!

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206-Y BLACKMore Colors 3/4" x 6" Cord-Lox® Y Series Strap, Black3/4"6"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $13.95 | 11-25: $13.42 | 26+ $12.75Add to Cart

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