Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap (10 Pack)


Looking for a reusable cord wrap organizer that can accommodate cords with larger plugs?

Or maybe you’d like to attach, route or secure cables to a pole, rig, tripod or mic stand?

The Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap turns cable chaos into organizational nirvana.  

The Open Loop design features an overlapping center section that is only sealed on one side. This allows the strap to be used on cables that have extra large plugs, such audio “snakes.” 

The remaining strap material can be wrapped around a cable bundle or wrapped around a pole, rig, tripod or mic stand- Organizing and Attaching all in one step!

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1 - 10 $6.40
11 - 25 $5.80
26+ $5.20
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The fastener is fabricated in the USA and is typically available off the shelf for fast delivery.

Made from high-quality, durable materials and fabricated in the USA at our factory located in California, the Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap ensures long-lasting performance. The open loop design secures your cables allowing for quick and hassle-free, reusable bundling.

Whether in the studio, on stage, or on the job,  the Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap delivers effortless cable management. No more wasting time untangling knots or searching for the right cable.

Strong and Reusable Cord Wrap Organizer

Bundle, organize, and identify your cables with the Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap. Designed for cables with larger plugs, this versatile organizer is a game-changer in cable management.

The Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap helps identify and mark your gear, ensuring quick and hassle-free setups and no wasted time untangling or tracing cables.

And because of its design, the Open Loop Strap is ideal for routing and securing cords, cables, and hoses to poles, rigging, tripods, or mic stands!  

How to Use

The Open Loop model features an overlapping center section but is only sealed on one side. This allows it to be used on cables that have extra large plugs, such as jumper cables or audio “snakes.” 

Step 1: Peel up the non-bonded side, and place the cord in position.

Step 2: Press the flap firmly around the cord.

Step 3: Coil the cord, wrap the Cord-lox around, and secure it.

The strap will now stay attached to the cable during the cable’s use, and you have strap sections on both sides to wrap around the cable bundle or to wrap around a pole, stand, or rigging.

Fully Customizable and Made in the USA

We offer various options, including custom colors, sizes, and printing. 

Proudly fabricated in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Custom Printing Available

TFI Custom Fabrications offers custom printing options for your cable ties, tapes, and fasteners with your company name, logo, or contact information.

For more information, visit our custom printing page or contact one of our fabrication experts today.

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205-O BLACKMore Colors 3/4" x 5" Cord-Lox® Open Loop Strap, Black3/4"5"BLACK10-PACK1-10: $6.40 | 11-25: $5.80 | 26+ $5.20Add to Cart

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