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Why TFI Custom Fabrication is the Trusted Partner for Medical Fasteners

Are you an engineer looking for a qualified custom fabricator for hook-and-loop or other textile-based products?   

Or perhaps you’re a buyer looking for the right supplier or ‘nearshore’ your existing product supply? 

But with so many companies claiming expertise in the hook-and-loop space, how do you know who to trust? Even if you find a qualified fabricator to manufacture a textile-based fastener for your medical applications, how do you ensure visibility and reliability of your supply chain?

TFI Custom Fabrication serves the needs of both engineers and buyers at medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and distributors. We solve your needs from R&D through procurement and supply.

For over 30 years, TFI has served the medical industry with cutting-edge, difficult-to-manufacture hook-and-loop and related textile fasteners.

Custom Medical Fasteners

TFI manufactures tracheostomy applications, fasteners for hospital applications, bags for medical devices, fasteners for orthotic manufacturers, and cable management solutions for medical device manufacturers. 

Leading medical device manufacturers, hospital supply distributors, and designers leverage TFI’s US-based manufacturing, competitive pricing, and overall fabrication capabilities. 

To learn more about our capabilities, and pricing on existing products, or for help with your next R&D project, contact TFI today for one-on-one guidance!

Why Hook-and-Loop Fasteners are Used in the Medical Industry

Because of their ease of use, function, and reusability, hook-and-loop fasteners have become the go-to fastening solution for many medical applications. 

Some of the most common applications include:

  • Fastening for braces and orthotics 
  • Tourniquet straps
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Finger splints
  • Endotracheal straps
  • Trichotomy straps
  • Wearables
  • Patient positioning on gurneys or in hospitals and patient transportation
  • Cable and hose control on or around medical devices or hospital rooms for IV tubes, power cords, and more.

Orthotics and Medical Braces

TFI Custom Fabrication uses VELCRO® Brand Fasteners to manufacture components for orthotic manufacturers. We specialize in custom designs that comply with rigorous medical standards, providing reliable and durable fastening solutions tailored to individual needs.

QUALITY OVER PRICE: If you’re focused on manufacturing higher-quality orthotics or medical braces, where the product is potentially designed for professional athletes or where quality is your main focus, contact TFI today.

Tracheostomy Straps

TFI Custom Fabrication works with foam laminate to help manage a tracheostomized patient who is supported with mechanical ventilation through a cuffed tracheostomy tube. These critical patient care devices prevent inadvertent disconnects, stabilizing the ventilator circuit and tracheostomy tube. 

TFI sources the materials, fabricates the piece, welds plastic components, and prints your name on the finished product – all to your specifications.

Patient-Positioning Straps

TFI Custom Fabrication utilizes several raw materials to fabricate patient-positioning straps that ensure safety, stability, and comfort in medical settings. These straps help during transportation or positioning during care.

Medical Device Fabrication | VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

As a leading Authorized Distributor of VELCRO® Brand fasteners, TFI brings Velcro Companies’ product engineers, YOU (the customer), and our fabrication experts to the same table! 

We work collaboratively to determine the correct fastening solution for your medical device and use.  

These design considerations include reusability, medical specifications, fit, form and function, and durability. With hundreds of different raw materials, each with its own unique specifications, you need a material expert in your corner

Next is the fabrication and final production of the fastener itself. TFI leverages expertise in sewing, sonic welding, custom fastener printing, and textile fabrication to produce the best final product.  

This collaborative process, which revolves around you and includes material and fabrication experts, is unique in the marketplace.

Can you afford cheaper? Can you afford to fail?

There’s no shortage of less expensive or ‘cheaper’ solutions or sources. Our customers tell us that they are more concerned with the fastener’s performance, reliability, and how it will complement their medical device than they are with the product price.  

Imagine your company manufactures defibrillators, and by cutting corners, the hook-and-loop cable tie that bundles the power cord fails. Was that downstream failure worth the savings you obtained from a cheaper supplier or material? 

Or, what if you want your company’s name printed on the fastener, and the finished fastener acts as an accessory to your medical device? But, your cheaper supplier creates a fastener where your logo fades or fails. Can you afford to take that risk?

Our custom solutions and products act as a ‘proxy’ for the quality of medical devices you manufacture!  

To learn more about our capabilities and pricing on existing products or for help with your next R&D project, contact TFI today for one-on-one guidance!

Recent Breakthroughs in Medical Hook-and-Loop

TFI Custom Fabrication designs and develops fasteners for the medical device industry, allowing them to focus on the technology while we ensure everything stays in place.

During the initial surge of COVID-19, our sister company, Speedtech International, worked alongside General Motors/Ventec Life Systems to custom fabricate hose and cable solutions for ventilators.

At the same time, the team at TFI Custom Fabrication worked with medical device industry professionals to create custom fasteners made of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® and Two-Way Face Straps for headbands for face shields/splash guards.

Antibacterial Fasteners and Catheter Securement Plasters

Recently, Velcro Companies developed antibacterial fasteners and catheter securement plasters. 

These products were designed in response to feedback from medical professionals and aimed to address the challenges faced by caregivers daily. 

Each antibacterial fastener features a silver treatment to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in hospitals and other healthcare settings. This makes them suitable for blood pressure cuffs, X-ray cloths, patient positioning straps, and more.

The catheter securement plasters are designed to be exceptionally strong and dust-resistant while allowing for easy adjustment, catering to the needs for secure and reliable catheter placement

Custom Medical Device Fastener Solutions

TFI Custom Fabrication has developed one-of-a-kind fasteners alongside medical manufacturers for decades. 

TFI designs and delivers the custom fasteners your business needs for success. If hook-and-loop isn’t what you need, our California-based factory also works with foam laminates, neoprene, nylon webbing, and more.

Connect with us today for a personalized quote, and let’s craft the future of medical technology together.

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