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Celebrating World Lung Day

Join us as we celebrate World Lung Day—the time to raise awareness of the importance of lung health and take action to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.

As a contract manufacturer for Medical Device Manufacturers, all of us here at TFI are proud to be part of the solution, including applications for managing a tracheotomized patient supported with mechanical ventilation through a cuffed tracheostomy tube.

One of the solutions we’re proud to manufacture helps to prevent inadvertent disconnects, plus stabilize the ventilator circuit and tracheostomy tube. Made from a special foam laminate, TFI sources the materials, fabricates the piece, welds plastic components, and prints the product name on the finished product.

Carlos Gonzalez, TFI’s General Manager explains, “The expertise of our staff is on full display with this finished apparatus. It’s a complicated piece with several components and manufacturing steps. The product moves through several departments at our factory, and our employees take pride in knowing the finished product is helping to keep premature infants alive.”

Respiratory Products / Material and Manufacturing Expertise Under One Roof.

When it comes to serving the needs of medical device manufacturers, the quality, performance and fit of the product is critical. Whether TFI is engaged in the initial design phase, or we’re
contacted to help improve our customer’s existing products, TFI’s service always starts with a thorough consideration of the raw materials for the application.

TFI’s Vice President, Steve Pope explains, “Several of TFI’s medical products incorporate hook & loop fasteners. With hundreds of material options and combinations, all offering different performance specifications, when possible, we prefer to include our suppliers’ Sales Engineers in our sales process. Through our partnership with Velcro Companies, TFI and Velcro Companies work through the customer’s application and requirements to suggest the best material options.”

Once ‘the right’ material and components are selected, TFI works on first article samples in support of the customer’s application testing. Pope adds, “When medical device OEMs, including those in the respiratory space contact TFI, they’re leveraging both raw material and custom fabrication expertise – through one supplier.”

The choice of making the ‘right’ raw material and component options is critical with the foam laminate solution referenced above. Carlos explains, “The end product is in direct contact with premature infants’ skin and at that tender age, their skin is easily irritated. The materials we fabricate from were recommended and then approved by our customers because they don’t irritate the patient’s skin.”

At home or in the hospital, our solutions help keep patients breathing. In collaboration with our suppliers, TFI makes products for sleep, hospital, and home respiratory care. Velcro Companies supplies materials in support of c-pap head gear, tracheostomy straps, and respiratory vests.

Accessing Support For Your Respiratory Products:

Are you a Product Designer or Engineer working on a medical application and need a qualified textile fabricator or fastener manufacturer? Maybe you already buy products and need a more reliable, competitive, or domestic supply?

With over 36 years as a quality-focused, domestic textile fabricator and Authorized VELCRO®
Brand Distributor, you’ve come to the right supplier. Solutions we manufacture include:

  • Medical positioning devices
  • Cord, hose, IV, and wire management solutions
  • Patient imaging, safety, and transport fasteners include gurney straps and other types of
    patient positioning straps
  • Straps for Braces
  • Headbands for Splash Guards

Fabrics & Materials we work with include:

  • Hook & Loop for Medical Cable Management and other applications
  • Specialty VELCRO® Brand materials, including medical-grade products
  • Foam Laminates
  • Neoprene
  • Nylon Webbing

If you need help with an existing or new product in support of respiratory care, or need help with other medical products, contact us today to learn more about VELCRO Brand® Products or TFI’s Custom Fabricated Solutions.

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