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VELCRO® Brand Fastener Packaging & More

Are you looking for fabricator of VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, Nylon Webbing or other textiles but you also need help with VELCRO® Brand Fastener Packaging?

Or maybe you need a custom fabricator who can not only make quality product who can do special packaging for your resale or special requirements?

And maybe you need your supplier to ship completed, packaged and private labeled products to your customers?

But with so many fabricators claiming that they ‘package’ for customers, how do you know how good they are? If they have quality control measures or if they can keep up with your demands? After all, if they make a mistake, it’s as if you made the mistake!

TFI exists to make your search easier.

We private label and provide VELCRO® Brand Fastener packaging and custom product packaging for leading OEM’s. This includes:

  • Individual Bagging
  • Bulk Packing
  • Private Labeling
  • Card Inserts
  • Header Cards

You need a supplier who can do more than ‘bag and box’:

Any supplier can place products in a bag. At TFI, our packaging is soup-to-nuts so our customers don’t have to touch the products they sell to their customers or Distributors.

TFI Customer Example:
We manufacture pet leashes for a 10+ year customer of TFI. We not only source all the components and fabricate the finished product, but we also have a separate department that packages the product for resale. Packaging includes bagging, instruction card inserts, headers, master cartons, palletizing and shipping.

Our customer is scrutinized by the receiving department at their resellers. Because of our quality control, we make our customers look great!

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Products We Offer for Packaging or Material Handling.

We can produce made-to-order hook and loop products for packaging projects that include shipping bags, boxes, labels and coils. When you require specialized hook and loop for shipping needs, we can help bring your ideas to fruition, and provide a workable solution to keep manufactured goods safe during transport. Order custom straps and fasteners crafted in a multitude of configurations to suit your custom packaging needs. Customers with large scale needs for a variety of simple banding or bundling, can also order hook and loop cut to length tape by the roll for bulk use.

VELCRO® Brand Fastener Packaging

The business of packaging and handling has been made easier through the use of hook and loop. VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners come in such a wide variety of styles, sizes and strengths that there is practically no task it can’t accomplish. Hook and loop straps can bundle, support and organize any type of job or specialized task. Polyester hook and loop fasteners for instance, provide UV protection and chemical resistance for outdoor and industrial use, while nylon is good for most standard uses. Choose from a broad range of widths, colors and lengths designed for heavy duty packaging needs.

Hook and loop straps can band, bundle, support, and organize anything from strapping down pallets to supporting transporters on back braces. Choose from a broad range of widths, colors and lengths designed for heavy duty packaging needs.

An example: Face straps with grommets are great for securing packages to pallets. A grommet is a small brass ring that gets punched through the material, ideal for preventing over tensioning. Cinch straps are a great way to secure products to pallets or to secure products in transport.

Cinch straps can be made in widths from 5/8” up to 4”, and in any length. Rings are available in plastic or nickel, for additional strength. These straps can be reinforced with webbing, or can be double sided with loop, to protect the strapped down cargo from damage due to objects shifting in transit.

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