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Are you managing larger audio, video, lighting, or power cables?

Maybe you need a fastener that can help transport larger snake cables, a bunch of cables, or hoses?

And you’d also want the product to help you store these cables before and after use?

But you need a heavy-duty solution that won’t fall apart and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.

The Coil’n’Carry® solves all these problems with just one fastener! This all-in-one bundling, carrying, and storage solution was designed for pro lighting and sound technicians but is now used in many different applications and across several industries.

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Bundle, organize and identify your cables, wires, and hoses

The fastener is fabricated in the USA and is typically available off the shelf for fast delivery.


  • Comfortable, rubberized handle
  • Oversized brass grommet to hang it up and out of the way
  • The side release buckle securely fastens straps yet is easy to adjust and release
  • Holds bundles up to 9″ in diameter and up to 50lbs


  • Audio, Video, Sound, Stage, and Lighting – For all your cords, cables, and gear. 
  • Marine – Hoses, electrical hookups, and more. 
  • RV – Gray Water Hoses, Electrical hooks, and cable storage. 
  • Industrial – For all your cords, cables, and gear. 
  • Electrical – For all your cords, cables, and gear. 

Wall-mounted cable storage

Hang cords, cables, hoses, and more on a peg or hook using the Coil’n’Carry®’s built-in grommet.   Ready to use your cables?  Just pull off the wall and carry it to the job site.

Store similar cables with each Coil’n’Carry®.   For example, use a blue Coil’n’Carry® for 100ft cables and a red Coil’n’Carry® for 200-foot cables. 

Cord and Carry Strap

Keeping related cords and cables grouped together is critical on a job site and makes setup and tear down easier at studios and stages.  Bundle these cables with different Coil’n’Carry®’s, including a different colored Coil’n’Carry® for each cable type. 

And when you need to lug them all to the job, the Coil’n’Carry®’s heavy-duty and ergonomic handle makes life easier. 

Hose mounting and organizing for Boaters and RV Owners

Additionally, the Coil’n’Carry® is ideal for wall-mounted cable storage, making it a versatile choice for home and professional use.

With flexible sizing options, you can select the perfect dimensions to accommodate your needs, ensuring a secure and snug fit for your cords and cables. 

Perfect for RV Sewer Hose Storage

Featuring a durable and flexible design, the Coil’n’Carry® Strap allows you to easily coil and secure your RV sewer hose, keeping it compact, organized, and protected during travel while ensuring hassle-free setup and storage whenever you reach your destination.

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